All 1 game Review


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Normally I'm cool with beat-em-up style brawler games, but I'm having mixed feelings about this one.
Maybe I'm just being an ass, but this nearly hits that specific nerve in terms of edgy controversial subject matter, and normally I'm okay with games that try and break the barriers of what is considered taboo to put in a game, and while I did chuckle a bit at first, I'm playing a game where I literally cuck & conquer loser pixel dudes who are married to vapid pixel sluts. Weird stuff.

Keep up the good work! You should add a latino papi mode, a eurasian supreme gentleman mode, and a caucasian swirling thot mode. In these modes you will play as different characters with different unique abilities! This would really flesh the game out a bit and mix up the gameplay overall, adding tons of replay value.

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